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1238 Meadowbrook Lane, Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
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Phone number:
+1 573-334-3056


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Monday 08:00am — 05:30pm
Tuesday 08:00am — 05:30pm
Wednesday 08:00am — 05:30pm
Thursday 08:00am — 05:30pm
Friday 08:00am — 05:30pm
Saturday 09:00am — 04:00pm
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Cape Auto Sales Commercial Trucks & Vans


  • Todd Egelhof
    Oct, 13 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    My wife and I, drove 5 hours to see the 2007 (really nice looking) Box Truck they has listed for sale, on Labor Day weekend. We get there and there was no place to park, the office was dirty and much disorganized. I could not tell the sale people from the other works, they all dressed down. I was made to wait 20 minutes while the only sell rep was on the phone. When he finely got off the phone he said “what do you want?” NO “I SORRY FOR KEEPING YOU WAITING OR HOW CAN I HELP YOU? “ I told him I was here to see the 2007 Chevy Box Truck and he said “O!” I will have to get the keys” Again we waited another 10 minutes for him to come back and tell me the truck is not here he lend it to his girlfriend because she was moving. But she will be here in just a few minutes however, it full of here stuff so if you want to buy it you will have to wait for us to remove her stuff into another truck.” We were really interested in this truck so again we waited and were never talked to never offer a beverage or even showed another truck that maybe we might like better.
    About 15 minutes latter her she comes, driving really fast stop just short of where my wife and I was standing. She gets out of the truck with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and giving us a really dirty look.
    While she went in to talk to her boyfriend we looked at the inside of the truck and it was filthy. Nothing like the pitchers were it showed a really clean and very nice looking. That was the last straw. WE HAD CASH IN HAD TO GET THIS TRUCK AND DRVOE ALL NIGHT AND GOT THE WORTH CUSTOMER SERIVES WE EVER HAD IN OUR LIVES. And we were the only customer there. I told him this was the worth customer service I have ever received and left do drive all the way back to KC empty handed.
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